Game making companies in india
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India has a growing game development industry, with several notable game-making companies. Here are some well-known game development companies based in India.

Top 10 gaming companies in India

  1. Nazara Technologies: A leading mobile gaming company in India, involved in the development, publishing, and distribution of a wide range of games across genres.
  2. Moonfrog Labs: Known for developing popular mobile games such as Teen Patti Gold, Ludo Club, and Baahubali: The Game.
  3. Games2Win: A global game development company with a focus on casual mobile games. They have developed games such as Parking Frenzy, High School Driving Test, and Fashion Diva.
  4. Octro: Specializes in creating multiplayer card and board games for mobile platforms. Their notable games include Indian Rummy, Teen Patti by Octro, and Tambola: Indian Bingo.
  5. Dhruva Interactive: A game development studio that offers services in game design, development, and art production. They have worked on projects for major international clients and also developed their own games.
  6. Reliance Entertainment: A diversified entertainment company that has ventured into game development. They have published games based on popular Indian movies, such as the Real Steel series and the Sultan: The Game.
  7. 99Games: Known for their mobile games, including the popular Star Chef series, Dhoom: 3 The Game, and Wordsworth.
  8. Indiagames (now part of Disney): One of the early pioneers in the Indian game development industry, known for mobile and online games. They have created games based on Bollywood movies and popular IPs like Cricket and IPL.
  9. Xigma Games: A game development studio focusing on mobile and PC games. They have developed games like Cricket Career: Super League and Boxing Star Champion.
  10. Rolocule Games: Specializes in creating innovative motion-controlled games for platforms like iOS and Apple TV. They have developed games such as Motion Tennis, Dance Party, and Flick Tennis.

I hope you know online gaming companies in India

These are just a few examples of game-making companies in India, and the list is not exhaustive. The Indian game development industry is continually growing, and there are numerous other emerging studios and indie developers contributing to the gaming landscape in the country.

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