Iran Visa Price in Pakistan2 min read

Iran visa price in Pakistan

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We will tell you in this post what is the Iran Visa Price in Pakistan. By the way, people take tourist visa and ziarat visa in Pakistan. But no problem, we will try to tell you what is the visa price of Iran in Pakistan according to our knowledge in this post.

According to our own experience, when we applied for the visa in March 2022, at that time the price of tourist visa was 8800 and the price of pilgrimage visa was 3500 rupees.

Iran visa fee for Ziarat

This is a copy of the tourist visa when we got it.

Iran Visa Price in Pakistan.
Iran Visa: Muhammad Naeem

Iran Visa Fee in Pakistan 2024

Today is December 27, 2023 and according to this website. Iran Tourism and Ziarat visa fees in Pakistan. There may be changes in some visas by 2024 but this is the current update.

  • Tourism visa (single entry) price Rs. 14000 hai.
  • Entry visa (single entry) price Rs. 19250 hai.

If you want to get an urgent visa, you will be charged 50% percent more fees.

The visa processing time is one to two weeks. If the application is not too much, the embassy can give you the visa quickly.

You can apply for Iran visa online or offline. And if you want to apply online visa then you have to go to this official website and submit the application form. And if you want to apply offline, then you have to go to Iran’s embassy or consulate.

Some Required Documents for Iran Visa

  • Valid passport
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Visa application form
  • Visa application fee
  • Invitation letter (if you are applying for a tourist visa)

Based on our research and all the effort we have collected the information we have shared with you. If you think that this visa price is not right, you can go to the embassy or consulate of Iran for more information.

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