Malaysia Sticker Visa Price Pakistan1 min read

Malaysia Sticker Visa Price Pakistan

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Do you want to know what is the current price of malaysia stickers in Pakistan?. We will give you some information regarding Sticker Visa in this post. And here we will also tell you what is the current price of Malaysia sticker visa in Pakistan.

We have done some research and we have come to know that currently the price of visa is Rs.20,000 and it depends whether you take double entry visa or single entry visa.

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Last date visa update 24 December 2023

Malaysia single & multiple entry sticker visa price in Pakistan.

  • Single entry visa price PKR 20,000 in Pakistan
  • Multiple entry visa price PKR 30,000 in Pakistan

This price is a compromise of visa application fee, processing fee, and visa issuance fees.

The visa application fee is Rs 5,000. This fee is charged for visa application.
The visa processing fee is PKR 10,000. This fee is charged for processing the visa.
And this is the visa issuance fee is PKR 5,000.
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Can we apply Malaysia sticker visa online or offline?

Yes you can apply for Malaysia sticker visa online and offline. If you apply online, you must apply on the Malaysian Immigration Department website. If you apply offline, you have to apply at the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

For more info and apply visa visit this official website:

Once you get the sticker visa approved, you can travel from pakistan to Malaysia with the sticker on your passport.

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