Azerbaijan Visa Price and Requirements — 2024

Azerbaijan Visa Price and Requirements

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Here i will tell you all about of Azerbaijan Visa Price and requirements in 2024. And you can also know here how to apply Azerbaijan visa.

If you know about the official website of azerbaijan e-visa then ok, if not? then i will tell you how to apply. Now you can see this is a official e-Visa website.

And this is a Azerbaijan government official visa website and you can get visa from this website.


Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Passport First Page Scan Copy In Green (Required)

Passport should be valid six months. (Required)

Passport Size Photo

Hotel Booking (optional)

Email account (Required)

Kindly note that visa also depends on your country which is country wise requirement so for that you must first visit this eligible country list then check your country name if available. If yes then you can apply for this visa.

Azerbaijan e-Visa eligible Countries list

How to apply Azerbaijan Visa

Applying for Azerbaijan Visa is a very easy to process. You can go to this Azerbaijan e-visa website, enter your details and submit the fee. Visa processing time is three to four business days. It may take three to four business days for you to receive the visa. After the visa is approved, you will receive the visa details on your email.

Note that you must have a Visa or MasterCard before applying for a visa. Because you are applying visa online.

Muhammad Ibrahim Azerbaijan e-Visa copy

First open this azerbaijan e-visa website: then. After that, if you want to get an urgent visa, press “Urgent Visa“. If you want to get a normal visa, press “Single entry vsia

The procedure for applying for an Azerbaijan visa is as follows.

To fill the visa application form: You must enter your passport details, contact information, and travel details in the form.

Uploading Passport Size Photo, Your photo should be recent and passport size.

Visa Processing Fees, The normal visa processing fee is $20 and with a $5 dollar service fee total $25. And urgent visa fee is $20 plus service fee $20.

According to the Azerbaijan e-Visa website, the urgent visa can be obtained in three hours and in normal three days, sometimes it may take time.

Once you submit your visa application, then you will receive visa pdf copy in your email, after three to four working days.

Azerbaijan visa is for 30 days in which you can stay in Azerbaijan for 30 days.

If you are planning to visit Azerbaijan, then you can apply for Azerbaijan visa online.

If you have any question regarding Azerbaijan Visa Price and requirements then you can ask us in comment and we will answer you.

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