Zahedan to Chabahar Bus Ticket Price

Zahedan to Chabahar Bus Ticket Price

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Do you want know Zahedan to Chabahar Bus Ticket Price?. So no problem we will tell you about the bus ticket prices here. And of note, the rate of the bus ticket price from Zahedan to Chabahar may also be different depending on the time.

Buses from Zahedan to Chabahar are popular for travelers who want to enjoy the scenery at an affordable price. However, ticket prices may vary depending on the bus company and type you choose.

Zahedan to Chabahar Bus Ticket Price

This ticket is from the time we traveled from Zahedan to Chabahar, all the information is inside it, you can see it very well.


Bus ticket prices usually range from 200,000 riyals to 300,000 riyals, with VIP buses costing slightly more than standard buses.

Travel Time

Expect the journey to take approximately 10-12 hours.

Booking Your Ticket

There are two options to secure your bus ticket: online or at the bus station.

Online Booking

Several online websites offer bus booking services between Zahedan and Chabahar, such as.

  • Rajat Travels:
  • ClickBus:
  • SnappTrip:

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More about Zahedan to Chabahar Bus

You can also buy tickets directly from Zahedan and Chabahar bus stops. And i hope you like this bus ticket price guide.

If in you have any question in your mind regarding to Zahedan to Chabahar Bus Ticket then you can ask me in the comment section and will definitely reply within 12 to 24 hours. Thanks to read this article.

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